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In 1979, Doyle Brunson self published a book titled “How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker”. Later, publishing companies renamed the book Super System, or a variation of the same term, including Super/System, with a slash; Doyle Brunson’s Super System; or Super/System: A Course in Power Poker.

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When Doyle Brunson’s Super System first hit the market, Brunson was fresh off his back to back (1976 and 1977) World Series of Poker $10,000 buy-in Main Event victories, so naturally the poker book was an easy sell. The initial copies of the book were sold at $100 per copy, which was quite a bit of money in the late 70’s and early eighties. While just about anything could have been written in that book and it still would have sold, Brunson took the topic quite seriously and had several top poker professionals and tournament champions contribute to each chapter. In fact, Brunson is on record as having said that because the book had been so influential, it probably cost him more money in reduced poker winnings than he was paid for writing it, and you can see from our page: Doyle Brunson Poker, he’s had no shortage of poker winnings.

The sections of Super/System dedicated to strategy include:

* Draw poker, written by Mike Caro.
* Seven-card stud, written by Chip Reese
* Lowball, written by Joey Hawthorne and Doyle Brunson
* Seven-card stud high-low split (with no qualifier for low), by David Sklansky
* Limit Texas hold ‘em, by Bobby Baldwin
* No-limit Texas hold ‘em, by Doyle Brunson

Even though thirty years has passed since Super System was first published, the book remains the foremost authority on poker strategy and the most famous book in poker history. While the strategy contained is still relevant today, several of the games included in the original version are obsolete, new games have been added, and internet poker was born. As a result, a new version of Super System was released in October 2004 called Super System 2.

Doyle Brunson Super System

Super System 2

Super System 2, the sequel to Doyle Brunson original 1979 book Super/System, is as well praised as the original. All poker players whether they are beginners, intermediate or veteran sharks will find value in this book. Super System 2 covers many things that didn’t exist when the first book was written, such as internet poker, the World Poker Tour (televised poker) and new variants of poker. As was the case in the original version of Doyle Brunson’s Super System, professional poker players and tournament champions contributed chapters to the book.

Super System 2 has fifteen chapters which are listed below.

Chapter 1 – Introduction, by Doyle Brunson
Chapter 2 – My Story, by Doyle Brunson
Chapter 3 – The History of No-Limit Texas Hold’em, by Crandell Addington
Chapter 4 – Online Poker, by Doyle Brunson
Chapter 5 – 43 Exclusive Super/System 2 Tips, by Mike Caro
Chapter 6 – Specialize or Learn Them All, by Steve Zolotow
Chapter 7 – Limit Hold’em, by Jennifer Harman
Chapter 8 – Omaha Eight-Or-Better, by Bobby Baldwin
Chapter 9 – Seven-Card Stud High-Low Eight-Or-Better, by Todd Brunson
Chapter 10 – Pot-Limit Omaha High, by Lyle Berman
Chapter 11 – Triple Draw, by Daniel Negreanu
Chapter 12 – Tournament Overview, by Doyle Brunson
Chapter 13 – No-Limit Hold’em, by Doyle Brunson
Chapter 14 – World Poker Tour, by Steven Lipscomb
Chapter 15 – Glossary

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